• px pro drill on shoulder

Most advanced deep tissue massage

Pro-level treatment in just 10 mins.

"I absolutely love my PX Pro therapy gun! I use it every night and throughly work my legs and shoulders. In just a short time, ive worked out some knots from years ago. Would definitely recommend to anyone."


"It's super light and looks futuristic. Felt like something of real value - like opening a box of Jordan's."


"This thing is magical! Great massage gun for my back pain. What a relief after 10 minutes of massage. This massage gun feels the same as the one at physical therapy. Nine speeds and different nozzles are perfect for my demands. Best of all is super long battery life."


"Super efficient and silent, unlike the other guns I have tried. Lots of drills to be used and it’s really good before, during and after workouts. Highly recommend it"

Mr. Pep

"It comes with a really nice case to keep everything together. The battery lasts a very long time. I have yet to use it completely in a single use. My favorite attachment is the ball, but the thin one works well for specific deep spots.
it's the Quietest massage tool.
Very very happy with it."

Anthony N.

Warmup in 5 mins

Pain Relief in 30s

Recover 2x faster

Reduce risk of injury

Quiet Glide Technology

Powerful Percussion

8 Heads & 9 Speeds